Mandala Magic

Mandalas consist of powerful geometry and represent life in all its glory. Externally, they encompass the balanced energy of the Universe, and internally contain hidden guides for the human psyche. In Sanskrit mandala simply means ‘circle.’

Personally, I feel an element of peace, when absorbing the intricacies of a mandala. Mandalas are often objects of devotion in religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Through the course of my travels especially, I have seen mandalas encompass many shapes and forms. Most popularly, a painted depiction denoting spiritual symbols during festivities. During my travels in India, they manifested in various forms, from ‘ranguli’ adorning the doorsteps of proud Indians celebrating Diwali, to floor mandalas drawn with coloured pigments for the celebration of ‘Holi’ and other spiritual festivals.

My most humbling experience involved participating in a ‘human mandala’ at a festival in Australia. Forming the mandala was an enriching experience, with a regenerating energy and a feeling of community, as an array of cultures collectively resonated peace. Moving in a continuous spiral, the human mandala

represented the unceasing nature of evolution, both a beautiful symbol of the vastness of the universe, and the impermanence of life within it.

This blog is to lead to the development of my business ‘Create Love Grow.’ Visually, it represents the tree of life and the concept of enabling love to grow. Firstly, let’s look at the symbolism of the mandala and how and how it can reconstructed to form new connotations and meaning.

In describing the symbology of mandalas, I will refer to ‘Cristian Violatti’s article, published on 07 September 2013. It came as a bit of a surprise, to discover that historically, a mandala consisted of square structures, to depict grandeur.

The square in the centre of this mandala denotes a palace. Each of its corners represent gates to access the centre of the Universe, entered from the four corners of the world. Surrounding the palace there are circles, providing connotations of the barriers we must overcome to reach the centre of whole existence. These circles can represent spiritual symbols or qualities to be obtained by the aspiring individual. Attaining these qualities would enable entering the core of the Universe.

Mandalas are used to spiritually connect with the energy found at the centre of your being. To remove yourself  from outside influences and develop qualities to turn focus from external to internal. The centre of existence, is meditated upon, with the symbols surrounding, seen as manifestations that provide guidance.  The participant is encouraged“to perceive all manifestations as part of a single underlying whole and gets closer to the goal of enlightenment or perfect understanding.”

So this brings us to ‘Create Love Grow’ and the intent behind the branding. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love any reference to the ‘tree of life.’ The connotations are endless and a fitting symbol to represent ‘Create Love Grow.’

With love you can create, with love you can grow, with love anything is possible. This may sound a little sickening, however it goes without saying that ‘love’ in its full bloom is an empowering tool. Through positive feelings, positive affirmations can be created to shape an enriched future. It was the cherry tree blossom, a favourite tree of mine, which provided the initial inspiration for my branding. It may be symbolic that I have yet to see this tree in its full bloom and glory.

Where does the mandala come into this? Well the ‘tree of life’ represents the very structure of life, with creation we enable growth, and with love, this growth can manifest into something beautiful and incredible. With this in mind, the ‘tree of life’ represents the process of ‘Create Love Grow’, whilst the mandala representing its philosophy. The business’s encompassing values, symbolically at its core.

If we refer back to the historical symblogy, at the centre of the ‘Create Love Grow’ mandala, there is a 12 petal representation of the lotus flower. This represents the heart chakra and signifies love. As such, love is the ultimate goal, which enables the manifestations surrounding its core, to grow and evolve over time.

As love evolves it will take many forms. As you can see by the purple lines of the leaves of the‘tree of life’, the bond of love can sometimes appear broken on the surface. However, the denser green leaves, will enable growth, holding everything together, with its underlying structure. The hearts around the outside of the mandala denote the overall outcome. Once we have meditated upon the notion of love, at the mandalas centre, through awareness and growth, love becomes an attainable goal.

So this concludes the introduction to the philosophy behind ‘Create Love Grow.’ To use ‘love’ as a vehicle to create, to develop and to continuously grow. To allow the Universe to synchronise destiny with personal intentions, materialised through right thought and right actions, to manifest the hearts desires.

Create a world you love

Love the world you’re in

Grow the real you