Mandala Magic

Mandalas consist of powerful geometry and represent life in all its glory. Externally, they encompass the balanced energy of the Universe, and internally contain hidden guides for the human psyche. In Sanskrit mandala simply means ‘circle.’

Personally, I feel an element of peace, when absorbing the intricacies of a mandala. Mandalas are often objects of devotion in religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Through the course of my travels especially, I have seen mandalas encompass many shapes and forms. Most popularly, a painted depiction denoting spiritual symbols during festivities. During my travels in India, they manifested in various forms, from ‘ranguli’ adorning the doorsteps of proud Indians celebrating Diwali, to floor mandalas drawn with coloured pigments for the celebration of ‘Holi’ and other spiritual festivals.

My most humbling experience involved participating in a ‘human mandala’ at a festival in Australia. Forming the mandala was an enriching experience, with a regenerating energy and a feeling of community, as an array of cultures collectively resonated peace. Moving in a continuous spiral, the human mandala

represented the unceasing nature of evolution, both a beautiful symbol of the vastness of the universe, and the impermanence of life within it.

This blog is to lead to the development of my business ‘Create Love Grow.’ Visually, it represents the tree of life and the concept of enabling love to grow. Firstly, let’s look at the symbolism of the mandala and how and how it can reconstructed to form new connotations and meaning.

In describing the symbology of mandalas, I will refer to ‘Cristian Violatti’s article, published on 07 September 2013. It came as a bit of a surprise, to discover that historically, a mandala consisted of square structures, to depict grandeur.

The square in the centre of this mandala denotes a palace. Each of its corners represent gates to access the centre of the Universe, entered from the four corners of the world. Surrounding the palace there are circles, providing connotations of the barriers we must overcome to reach the centre of whole existence. These circles can represent spiritual symbols or qualities to be obtained by the aspiring individual. Attaining these qualities would enable entering the core of the Universe.

Mandalas are used to spiritually connect with the energy found at the centre of your being. To remove yourself  from outside influences and develop qualities to turn focus from external to internal. The centre of existence, is meditated upon, with the symbols surrounding, seen as manifestations that provide guidance.  The participant is encouraged“to perceive all manifestations as part of a single underlying whole and gets closer to the goal of enlightenment or perfect understanding.”

So this brings us to ‘Create Love Grow’ and the intent behind the branding. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love any reference to the ‘tree of life.’ The connotations are endless and a fitting symbol to represent ‘Create Love Grow.’

With love you can create, with love you can grow, with love anything is possible. This may sound a little sickening, however it goes without saying that ‘love’ in its full bloom is an empowering tool. Through positive feelings, positive affirmations can be created to shape an enriched future. It was the cherry tree blossom, a favourite tree of mine, which provided the initial inspiration for my branding. It may be symbolic that I have yet to see this tree in its full bloom and glory.

Where does the mandala come into this? Well the ‘tree of life’ represents the very structure of life, with creation we enable growth, and with love, this growth can manifest into something beautiful and incredible. With this in mind, the ‘tree of life’ represents the process of ‘Create Love Grow’, whilst the mandala representing its philosophy. The business’s encompassing values, symbolically at its core.

If we refer back to the historical symblogy, at the centre of the ‘Create Love Grow’ mandala, there is a 12 petal representation of the lotus flower. This represents the heart chakra and signifies love. As such, love is the ultimate goal, which enables the manifestations surrounding its core, to grow and evolve over time.

As love evolves it will take many forms. As you can see by the purple lines of the leaves of the‘tree of life’, the bond of love can sometimes appear broken on the surface. However, the denser green leaves, will enable growth, holding everything together, with its underlying structure. The hearts around the outside of the mandala denote the overall outcome. Once we have meditated upon the notion of love, at the mandalas centre, through awareness and growth, love becomes an attainable goal.

So this concludes the introduction to the philosophy behind ‘Create Love Grow.’ To use ‘love’ as a vehicle to create, to develop and to continuously grow. To allow the Universe to synchronise destiny with personal intentions, materialised through right thought and right actions, to manifest the hearts desires.

Create a world you love

Love the world you’re in

Grow the real you

The Art of Giving

Welcome to the enchanted world of Pushkar. Surrounded by desert, stretching out for miles, a sanctuary of tranquillity, a peaceful haven to delve deeper into spirituality and discover Hinduism, to embrace cultural traditions and connect with the soul. Mystical dreams of the future become present reality and the infectious vibrancy brings a new lease of life.

Having arrived in Pushkar, Rajasthan, arrangements were swiftly made to visit the ‘Fior di Loto’ school to volunteer. It would be mindful to point out, that I had recently secured a position to teach English in Changchun, China. This was under the premise that I would complete my ‘TEFL’ qualification before commencement.

Volunteering at the ‘Fior di Lotto’ school would not only allow me the opportunity to help others, but provide my eager soul with the first real taste of leading a classroom. This new venture, fuelled by my recent teaching experience during my ‘Yoga Teacher Training’ in Goa, was a further quest to become a teacher, sharing knowledge to inspire others.

With textiles and interior design degrees, surface pattern felt like an appropriate subject to teach, especially due to the rich textile history and culture of India. I’d like to point out that I was petrified of teaching and had no idea at this stage, of teaching styles or methods. Regardless, I embraced volunteering to share my passion, over fear of the unknown, a feeling of vulnerability, linked to the shameful potential of failure.

So I set out to teach. Communication was a little difficult at times, but I had all the support I needed from the local Indian teacher for that class. I taught a year 7 class over 4 days, and each student worked on developing their own surface pattern. Initially this involved bringing an Indian rose to class and sketching this. Over a series of days a square motif was created, which was coloured and developed into a repeated pattern. Patterns were constructed by a simple side by side repeat. Once the motifs were complete I set about the laborious task of digitally converting each motif into a repeat pattern. This was to enable printing of the designs, to create a new colour way, giving each student a complete pattern to keep.

It was during this moment of magic, seeing the designs of these bright, intelligent, yet less privileged students evolve that something shifted in my consciousness. If all this was possible, with a little focused intention, then surely limitless dreams could be realised. I felt shame thinking of the potential opportunities I let pass me by during my studies. Shame; that I hadn’t been bold enough to take a leap of faith, and turn dreams into reality.

With this in mind I set about trying to find a way to turn a previous fabric collection into reality. The students at the school had reignited my passion for surface pattern, and I set the intention to work towards achieving my desires. The search to find a supplier began, speaking to locals and foreigners alike to find the right person to help me on my path. How things unfolded, was a result of synchronised events, fueled by a strong intention and will to succeed. Further evidence of the powers of manifestation.

Riding around on the back of a motorbike, visiting factories and wholesalers, was fun to say the least. Suddenly I felt that anything was possible, with right action and right thought. I started to make plans for the future, printing the fabrics redesigned, designing the bedspreads and cushions and getting these made. My future plans were to develop an online business, whilst teaching in Changchun, China.

“What was of greatest significance during this process, personally, as well as to the development of ‘Create Love Grow’ as a business, was the concept of mindfulness. To engage in right thought and right action.”

“Living in the present moment, with the notion of now.”

Whilst it’s important to have an image of the future in mind, without clear intent, and a firm grasp of the concept of ‘now,’ the future is merely a fictional projection of our fleeting minds. It’s what we do ‘now’ that matters. With right thought and action, right now, enriched futures can start to unfold.

Taking immediate, positive action, is what inspired me to volunteer with ‘Fior Di Lotto,’ a worthwhile cause in changing the shape of the future, for these bright, young minds. I feel immense gratitude for this experience, which I would happily recommend to anyone visiting Pushkar.

With continued love, resources and support, I hope the students get the chance to grow to their full potential……

Chance encounters

Volunteering at an all-girls school, for poor children in Pushkar, Rajasthan came about by somewhat of a surprising coincidence. Now if like me, you don’t believe in coincidences perhaps you would call this an act of fate or perhaps destiny. Recently I have come across a new term; ‘synchrodestiny.’ This experience would shape the course of the next 12 months and potentially the rest of my life.

The term ‘synchrodestiny’ is a relatively new term for me to comprehend, but having recognised it’s existence, I know it has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. It was merely a concept that had existed subconsciously. I was not yet aware of it.

In short it’s the beautiful union of synchronised events, which occur simultaneously in your life’s colourful journey, coupled with the hand of destiny. Let’s consider that the universe has its own synchronised, pre destined path for us to follow. Well how can this be synchronised? With personal intentions. Communicated thought, connected with the universe’s destiny, through energetic fields.

Psynchrodestiny is based on the energy frequency we vibrate and the subconscious intentions that we set. When we start to live with awareness and practice conscious living, we take control of our futures. Through intention, we can nurture our inner beings, in following our chosen paths. This we will delve into further in a future post. Right now, let’s get back to volunteering at the school and how it defined my remaining time in India.

India is a magical place, where a belief that anything is possible ‘sab kuch melega,’ is quickly absorbed. Regardless of colour or caste, positive energy runs high.

In the pursuit of enabling something wonderful and imaginative to manifest, I set the intention of creativity. I was inspired by the vibrancy of India, the rainbow of fabrics available, and the extravagant detail.

In Mumbai I purchased a laptop, with the help of a local Punjabi, a fellow creative and friend, and set myself up, ready to burst into the colourful world of textiles, with no idea how and what would unfold. There was no pressure and no future projection past the present moment.

Arriving in Jaipur from Varanasi, I had been severely sick with fever, my spirits were low, and I was desperately seeking an emotional uplift! It was during my internal plea of ‘something please change’ I met a renown ‘healer.’ My ‘rikshaw’ driver brought me here whilst visiting fabric houses

I was told quite bluntly by the healer, that I was too unwell to absorb his insights and should seek medical care, returning when rested. This felt like a hard blow, somehow realising the significance of this presence before me. Without invitation, I sat on a chair, my posture collapsing and blurted out “what is my purpose in life?”

Now this is a bit of a heavy question for anyone. The man pointed to a framed newspaper article and stated “this.” He briefly explained the article about a school for poor children, where you could volunteer.

Following the advice given, I rested, recuperated and replenished my body, mind & soul. I was keen to leave Jaipur in search of tranquility and went to the healer again on my way to Pushkar. It was the healers turn to be sick. He had no energy for further insights, but insisted I take the details of the school, featured in the newspaper article. I said “but I’m leaving Jaipur,” he said “yes I know, the school’s in Pushkar.”

So there it was, my first example of synchro destiny. Journey to Pushkar for peace and tranquility, fueled by the desire to volunteer at a local school and give something back to the community. Desire synchronised by the intention to quench the thirst for creativity, and to explore teaching in a new capacity. The dawn of a new journey, it’s tales to unfold in Pushkar.